Oyster Club

setting up the line
first night of service
So, I'm in Connecticut these days, weird.  These are some not so great photos of the restaurant, Oyster Club, I just helped open.  That first photo is of our tiny, tiny line before it was ever cooked in.  In fact, that picture is from a time when the five of us running the kitchen were starting to feel like we'd never open or cook anything.  Now I think we're all wondering when we're going to get a break from the madness. 


Bike Rides and Bread

My broster rides his bicycle fast. Makes me a proud sista.

Missin' standing by the oven in the cozy bakery. Feeling a little meaningless without work. I'm so bad at the no schedule lifestyle.
These are some pics from my last Friday at the bakery.
I'm officially out of Cress Spring bread :(
On the upside, my kitten cat is becoming friends with the family dog. Big ups.


A Little Break

I am thrilled to report I am enjoying, like laughing, lounging, playing enjoying my temporary unemployment. This is big for me; I'm not good at no schedule, no paycheck, no structure. Granted it's been less than a week of this luxurious lifestyle, but I just wanted to let ya'll know I'm happy.

I also made chocolate babka last night. It's my family's new obsession. New house staple. You know what the key to really good babka is? It's not hard to guess, but the answer is obscene amounts of chocolate. I'm talking find a good recipe and then multiply the chocolate called for by two. Double that shit. You can do this. Trust me. A streusel topping doesn't hurt either. Oh and brown the butter before you brush it on the dough and sprinkle the chocolate. Loads of chocolate and brown butter=great babka heights, spiritual level heights.

Oh, and if you have some part time work let me know. :)


Council Bluffs, Iowa

So, what do you do when you are stuck for four-ish days in Councinl Bluffs, Iowa? Duh, start blogging again. I have had a long absence for various boring reasons, but here I am in Iowa and thinking about what I will cook if I finally make it back to California in one piece with a working vehicle. Strange girl.

So, a little context is needed. I was on the first leg of my drive from Wisconsin to California. I quit the Bakery because I missed friends and family and that beautiful coastline. There I was westbound on highway 80 with everything I own plus my kitten in my car (purchased only 2 months ago). Suddenly I hear this terrible noise underneath my car, clunking that could only mean bad news. Then the stick shift seized up and I quickly got to the side of the highway and contemplated my fate. It was late at night, not a good time to hitch a ride and the cherry on the cake was that my cell phone had no service, shitskies. So I figured I might as well get as comfortable as possible and call it a night.

It's funny when life gets really tough, like I don't think this could get any worse tough, that a little gift from heaven drops into your lap. That night my guardian angel was Tim, a state trooper who saw my car and pulled over to see what was up. He sat with me while I called every number remotely connected to my family. Anyhow, without all the tumultuous details, I was able to get my car towed 90 miles West by Troy, the toothless second angel, to the closest large town and here I am. And here I will remain while my car parts are being shipped and replaced and I contemplate this unexpected financial blow and hang with my kitten.

I guess I should say something about food. On a more cheerful note, I traveled with enough bread to last me months, so I've got that. I'm looking forward to that first home cooked meal, hopefully I will be home by Friday for roast chicken and challah.


Pictures for you

Ok I felt guilty/inspired so I took some pictures. The morning light was pouring into the bakery, so it seemed like a good moment to capture. It's not clean at the moment because the market was yesterday, but...


I know I've been gone for like...ever, but I did move and start a new job. Is that a good excuse? I'm finally in Wisconsin, still can't really believe I live here. It's quite a place I tell you.

I started my job at Cress Spring Bakery about a month ago. I'm learning a lot and making a lot of mistakes, but I love the work and where I live. I'm living directly above the bakery; it's quite a nice little commute walking down the stairs every morning. We bake in a large wood-fire oven and make all kinds of delicious breads and pastries. I'm just starting to learn how to load and unload the oven, which is pretty thrilling. We sell at the Madison farmers market every Saturday, but we actually have this week off. I'm going to stay here and explore my new home.

I will take pictures soon. I live on a beautiful farm--we have a vegetable garden and organic pastry fed pigs. Ta Ta for now.