F.U. Farm Day 2

Hey, It's my birthday! Pretty exciting, 23 years of being alive.

A recap of my first day at the farm:

I cleaned garlic in the farm store which is quite satisfying in an I was once dirty, now I'm clean and you didn't even have to think kind of way. Then a few of us went for a lovely bike ride and jumped in the river, that's what summers all about right?

I made dinner with as many veggies as possible which meant frittata with onions, garlic, chard, corn, summer squash, cilantro, and cheesyness on top with roasted potatoes, beets, and garlic and sweet yellow watermelon. Yum.

Today we don't have too much that has to happen, but a big crate of baby chicks should be arriving in the mail today or tomorrow, super exciting. The first thing you have to do with new chicks is teach them where the water is by dipping each of their beaks into their water so that they don't die of thirst.

We harvested for the farm store this morning and it was the worst harvest ever. The misquitoes were absolutely nuts. It was unbearable to stand in one place for even a moment because they would swarm in and attack. So we grabbed what we had to as quickly as possible and got the hell out of the garden.

Since the garden was so uninviting, I decided to do some indoor projects, namely playing a game--me verses the vegetables where they win if they sit and rot and I win if I make then into something tasty. So, I went through a five gallon bucket full of tomatoes and made them into sauce with a ton of fresh basil. The game plan for tonight's birthday dinner is garden vegetable pizzas.

That's all for now, just sittin' in the farm store where we get great internet and reading/chilling.

bye bye.