Tyler Place Baking

As promised I've posted a few photos. The muffins above are raspberry chocolate chip and bellow are coffee blonde brownies.
Today was a little crazy because the first guests arrived at lunch time. I made strawberry rhubarb pies, brownie tarts with raspberry sauce, and white cakes with maple cream cheese frosting for tonight's desserts. I'm bracing myself for tomorrow which is sure to be hectic. I'll start the morning by baking tons of muffins and heating bagels for breakfast. For lunch I'm making raspberry jam bars and absurd amounts of cookies. Finally, for dinner I'll be making peach pies, NY lemon cheesecakes, and chocolate ganache cakes. I will do my best to take pictures, aight?

Wish me luck.


It's been a long time...

Sorry I've abandoned you all for a while. In the craziness of graduating, driving to Vermont and starting a new job I haven't had time to keep up with the blog. I have been baking my butt off, however, even though I have no lovely photos to show for it at the moment. I plan on keeping my camera in the kitchen and keeping ya'll updated on my every culinary move, so don't worry.

So far the Job is good. It's unbearably hot up hear, like 95 degrees! Now add standing next to three industrial ovens to that number and you have an idea of what I've been going through. I like the job so far; I have an area of the kitchen to myself and can order pretty much anything I want (I ordered a brand new kitchen aid immediately among other exciting goodies). I also get to create the dessert menu as long as I have at least one chocolate dessert every night; these people go crazy for chocolate and I don't blame them.

My general day starts early; I start with breakfast items--always some kind of muffin and another baked good like scones or coffee cake. For lunch there's always cookies and bars (brownies, lemon bars, etc.). People go nuts for the cookies; it's truly amazing how many they can gobble up. I keep at least 3 giant cambros of cookie dough of various kinds in my reach-in cooler at all times. Then dinner is three different desserts, one of them chocolate as I mentioned. I have all kinds of deliciousness on the menu, seasonal fruit pies, chocolate ganache cake, cheesecake, key lime pie, chocolate mouse pie, pot do creme, strawberry shortcake, the list goes on and on. And finally, I will also be baking bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well. So far I have just been baking for the staff, the guests arrive on Saturday.

Sparkle, my trusty Honda I bought this semester did a spectacular job getting us to Vermont safely. Me and three friends from school drove 20 hours straight from North Carolina to Burlington. I'm kind of falling in love with Burlington by the way, such a great city.

That's all for now. Pictures to come, I promise.