Council Bluffs, Iowa

So, what do you do when you are stuck for four-ish days in Councinl Bluffs, Iowa? Duh, start blogging again. I have had a long absence for various boring reasons, but here I am in Iowa and thinking about what I will cook if I finally make it back to California in one piece with a working vehicle. Strange girl.

So, a little context is needed. I was on the first leg of my drive from Wisconsin to California. I quit the Bakery because I missed friends and family and that beautiful coastline. There I was westbound on highway 80 with everything I own plus my kitten in my car (purchased only 2 months ago). Suddenly I hear this terrible noise underneath my car, clunking that could only mean bad news. Then the stick shift seized up and I quickly got to the side of the highway and contemplated my fate. It was late at night, not a good time to hitch a ride and the cherry on the cake was that my cell phone had no service, shitskies. So I figured I might as well get as comfortable as possible and call it a night.

It's funny when life gets really tough, like I don't think this could get any worse tough, that a little gift from heaven drops into your lap. That night my guardian angel was Tim, a state trooper who saw my car and pulled over to see what was up. He sat with me while I called every number remotely connected to my family. Anyhow, without all the tumultuous details, I was able to get my car towed 90 miles West by Troy, the toothless second angel, to the closest large town and here I am. And here I will remain while my car parts are being shipped and replaced and I contemplate this unexpected financial blow and hang with my kitten.

I guess I should say something about food. On a more cheerful note, I traveled with enough bread to last me months, so I've got that. I'm looking forward to that first home cooked meal, hopefully I will be home by Friday for roast chicken and challah.