Pictures for you

Ok I felt guilty/inspired so I took some pictures. The morning light was pouring into the bakery, so it seemed like a good moment to capture. It's not clean at the moment because the market was yesterday, but...


I know I've been gone for like...ever, but I did move and start a new job. Is that a good excuse? I'm finally in Wisconsin, still can't really believe I live here. It's quite a place I tell you.

I started my job at Cress Spring Bakery about a month ago. I'm learning a lot and making a lot of mistakes, but I love the work and where I live. I'm living directly above the bakery; it's quite a nice little commute walking down the stairs every morning. We bake in a large wood-fire oven and make all kinds of delicious breads and pastries. I'm just starting to learn how to load and unload the oven, which is pretty thrilling. We sell at the Madison farmers market every Saturday, but we actually have this week off. I'm going to stay here and explore my new home.

I will take pictures soon. I live on a beautiful farm--we have a vegetable garden and organic pastry fed pigs. Ta Ta for now.