Bike Rides and Bread

My broster rides his bicycle fast. Makes me a proud sista.

Missin' standing by the oven in the cozy bakery. Feeling a little meaningless without work. I'm so bad at the no schedule lifestyle.
These are some pics from my last Friday at the bakery.
I'm officially out of Cress Spring bread :(
On the upside, my kitten cat is becoming friends with the family dog. Big ups.


A Little Break

I am thrilled to report I am enjoying, like laughing, lounging, playing enjoying my temporary unemployment. This is big for me; I'm not good at no schedule, no paycheck, no structure. Granted it's been less than a week of this luxurious lifestyle, but I just wanted to let ya'll know I'm happy.

I also made chocolate babka last night. It's my family's new obsession. New house staple. You know what the key to really good babka is? It's not hard to guess, but the answer is obscene amounts of chocolate. I'm talking find a good recipe and then multiply the chocolate called for by two. Double that shit. You can do this. Trust me. A streusel topping doesn't hurt either. Oh and brown the butter before you brush it on the dough and sprinkle the chocolate. Loads of chocolate and brown butter=great babka heights, spiritual level heights.

Oh, and if you have some part time work let me know. :)