Morning Coffee

In a caffeine induced state I have decided to give today a little more direction than yesterday. I guess that's the nature of Sundays, to get everything done that you said you would start on Saturday. So today I will stop moving my philosophy reading about the house, but actually sit down and read the damn thing. I will also not start silly cooking projects periodically throughout the day for distraction purposes. Though, I may make some apple butternut squash soup because there's still tons of snow on the ground and warm soup sounds delightful.


kyle said...

I know what that's like-- the high you get from coffee that makes you say to yourself "Yes! Today is a new day! I am reborn! I will make and do and stop planning to make and do! I am Queen of Doing and Making! . . . But maybe a little fun distraction couldn't hurt, right?"

mish piece said...

i'm actually hoping this blog will be both a fun distraction, but also inspirational because i already feel accountable to it! like when i posted about possibly making soup and doing my philosophy reading, I actually did both things in part because I posted about it. how silly..