I feel a little silly writing this post because I'm worried it might get gushy/gross/annoying and this is a food blog, not a bunch of sappy shit, but non-the-less he's important to me so here I go...

This is Scott and, yes, that is a pig head. Scott loves pig roasts, I mean really loves them. One of his favorite things to do is slaughter a pig or two, set up a large outdoor smoker, stay up all night drinking whiskey, stoking the fire, telling stories, and singing songs in Spanish.

We met at school, the story is extremely cute and romantic, but I'll save that for another day. He is a dairy farmer and is about to start a new job in Dodgeville, Wisconsin as the farm manager for Uplands Cheese Company. I'll be moving out to join him in May. So there, he will come up in the future I'm sure.

(Scott, hope you like the blog!)

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What a hunk!