Favorite lunches

(picture taken by my sister, kyle; "Le Pen" is the best pen ever and good pens are crucial to a good list making experience)

I ate some pretty weird lunches growing up. No bad feelings or anything, but my mom cannot pack a lunch. She has 4 kids and never got it down. I hope she won't take this personally because I think she's one of the best cooks I know, but tasty lunches are her culinary down-fall.

In her defense, delicious, quick lunches are hard, I'd say the hardest meal of the day to master, especially if it has to get packed up and sit in a backpack rattling around and getting soggy for hours. That said I've compiled a list of my favorite lunches because:

A. I like lists
B. I especially like lists of favorites

Lunches to get excited about:
1. peanut butter and honey with a little cinnamon sandwich. The key hear is the perfect ratio of bread to peanut butter. I prefer mine open-faced, then you don't get too much bread in one bite and you can really taste the toppings.
2. fried eggs and toast with butter and nutritional yeast. I've been eating this a lot lately. I know nutritional yeast is some serious hippie shit, but I love it (not on everything!); it reminds me of my childhood.
3. sushi, no explanation necessary
4. grilled cheese and soup
5. BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avo, tomato), a winning combination, no mayo please.
6. tempeh ruben, but the cheese has to be melted and the tempeh crispy on the edges.
7. a bowl of granola or cold cereal with banana and a sprinkling of cinnamon really does it sometimes
8. Asian pasta salad with sugar snap peas, toasted sesame seeds, and peanut sauce; great hot or cold.
9. leftovers that are good the next day, such as pizza
10. turkey sando with lots of mustard and all the fixins'.

go forth and eat tasty lunches.

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slebell said...

Hi Sugar Plum,
Thanks for your great list of good lunches. Will you continue to post more over time? It's so helpful. I think you're right: packed lunches are the hardest meal to make. I know I flunked. Glad you weren't scarred forever, that I made it up to you with elaborate family dinners by day's end each night. I love you and I love Spoonfulls. Keep up the good work. I learn so much from you. Love Mama