Making Tempeh

The process of making tempeh is really simple and cheap.

We just boiled soybeans for a bit until they were cooked, but still crunchy. Then you have to get the hulls off, which you can do by massaging them in you hands, they slip right off like little jackets.

Then you skim off the hulls and cook a little more until they are cooked, but still crunchy enough that you wouldn't eat them that way.

Then we lay them in a pan, mixed in two tablespoons of vinegar and the tempeh starter, covered the pan with tinfoil, poked holes with a fork, and put in the dehydrator at 90 F. You could also use your oven at the lowest setting with the door propped open. After 24 hours it should be done.

I had no idea it was so quick and simple. I think barbecued tempeh with collards are on the menu for family dinner on Sunday.
Happy tempeh face, for sure.

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Heather said...

Misha, I <3 you dearly. And what fun it was to stumble upon your blog today (02/26/11) and reminisce about life at Preston House. Awwwww, I am all sentimental now. Alas, tempeh-making is still happening, I recently made a good batch with Jeremy (Wilson grad, ran the EcoDorm garden, now lives in Nashville)...and, to top it off, I've found a local source for organic soybeans. Turns out, a sweet family farm about 30 minutes away grows soft wheat, soybeans, buckwheat, and a host of other crops. Yay for local grains and legumes!! PS, I copied the picture of me with tempeh and tagged in on Facebook. Thanks a bundle for posting it, I'm always lookin' for good pics to add to my repertoire. Sending loads of love!