This is for real

I have decided to become a committed blogger. It is a very snowy Saturday and all this puttering about the house has prompted me to create some kind of entertaining/fulfilling distraction for myself. It seems to be working so far.

So, I plan to use this blog as a spot to share recipes, things I find pretty, and who knows what else.


gusthedog said...

Excellent activity Misha. Someone here in East Bay is posting on Twitter and Facebook as to the location her CupKate truck will be:
She took a Taco truck and renovated it! You are more talented and imaginative than most and I wish you well!

mish piece said...

Thanks Helene! I actually read about that woman! The pastry chef I worked with at Stellina wants to start an ice cream truck out in Point Reyes. I think it's a great idea and requires very little initial investment. Thanks for stopping by!

slebell said...

I love you and I LOVE your Blog! Keep it up. You're my sugar plum, Mama