Cooking Block

I haven't posted in a few days. It hasn't been out of business or laziness. I've kind of had a cooking block. I mean, I've been cooking, but nothing inspired enough to share with you all. So today I'm going to post, whether I have something interesting to share with you or not. Stay posted.

Here's a list of some dishes I've been thinking about cooking lately; now you can get excited too.

On the Horizon:
1. Meat balls (we just got ground beef from the farm)
2. Pasole (my housemate dumpstered a big can of hominy!)
3. New hot breakfast cereals
4. Baked sweet potato fries
5. Chocolate dipped bananas (mom, you'll love these)
6. Rice pudding
7. Lemon souffle cake
8. Grits with a fried egg on top

Ok, I'm out of ideas for now...xoxo

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