Fermentation Window

I forgot to let you all know that I pulled out the yogurt from it's cozy sleeping bag this morning and it turned out great. The best way to get consistent results is to use a kitchen thermometer when heating and cooling the milk, but we don't have one yet, so the result is always just a little different, which is fun too.

Because I've been been on the topic of fermentation, I thought I'd post a photo of our wild kitchen windowsill full of various fermenting and sprouting things. Some people are a little freaked out by it, but we like this kind of hippie shit. On the left we have some kind of sun tea brewing, the next three jars are various kinds of sprouts, then we have a jar of rejuvelac (a fermented drink made from wheat berries), next to that is one of the jars we make sauerkraut in, and lastly we have two jars of kombucha brewing away.

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