Morning Ritual

Mornings are very important to me and my morning ritual is critical to my morning happiness, anyone who knows me will attest to this.

This is a major point of contention for Scott, arguably the biggest source of contention in our relationship. You see, he likes to wake up slowly, in bed, drift in and out of sleep, cuddle, etc. I on the other hand, can not stand this; I get super antsy and can't deal with being awake, yet not caffeinated. I feel unproductive (I know this is totally irrational and a little disturbing). It makes me feel very unloving admitting this, but it's just the truth. So, our morning routine is for me to wake up and try to get out of bed before Scott notices, which he always does, then he will start whining and physically pin me down so that I don't leave him. Then I have to lie and say I will just go make coffee than come back to bed. He knows this is a lie and points it out. Then I make a face and feel badly, but head to the kitchen despite it all to start my morning ritual.

It always starts with caffiene. I'm extremely pretentious about my coffee. I like it strong. I like dark, usually french roast and I like it with whole milk. I think sweetened coffee is sickening.

I always make breakfast first thing after I make coffee. I usually sip my coffee as I do this.

I'm usually not too adventurous in the morning when it comes to food. It's the one meal I don't feel the need to experiment with too much, I don't want to throw off my morning with any new, drastic culinary moves.

I pretty much eat the same thing every morning. I know this sounds boring, but really it's not at all; it's ultimate comfort actually. I am an oatmeal in the morning kind of girl. Sometimes I have cold cereal instead, but usually oatmeal. I don't like to get too fancy with my oats, I like to add some fruit, an apple or banana, sometimes berries, cinnamon, two big pinches of sea salt, some nut butter or sprinkled nuts, that kind of thing. I don't like too many toppings at once; simple and satisfying is what I'm aiming for.

Sometimes I go crazy and scoop some yogurt on top, or add some coconut flakes, chopped figs, a sprinkling of granola, but you get the basic idea.

Here's today's bowl, nothing flashy or fancy, but, damn, it never fails.

The last part of my morning ritual is to sit down with my breakfast and coffee and read the news, cookbooks, philosophy reading I've put off, that kind of thing. It's oh so relaxing and if for some reason my morning ritual gets thrown off, I get absolutely pissed.

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