Mid-day Ramblings

This photo was taken last spring.

These are my herb ladies; they're super great. We all have a shared love for stinging nettles, bagging tea, mix cds that feature very sappy love songs, and general witch-type activities--most notably, brewing big batches of herbal concoctions. I found this picture today while working on my winter project for the garden which is putting together an index of recipe cards for our CSA boxes. Last spring I put together a cookbook of CSA recipes entitled "Eat More Kohlrabi" and the recipe cards are a mix of new recipes I love and recipes from the cookbook. It's a pretty fun way to spend the morning.

Shortly, I will run back to my house before my philosophy class to check on the rise of my bread dough and pop it in the fridge for baking tonight.

I'm off to be an extremely focused and dedicated student now and try my very best not to think about anything cooking related for the next hour. Wish me luck.