I've been thinking about my little corner of the internet lately. Blogs are really weird; posting lots of personal information about your life to the world and wanting people to read it baffles me. For all I know google blogs probably owns all my writing and pictures now, maybe even my soul. For quite some time, I slowly got addicted to reading food blogs (the good ones are like free, unedited, and frequently updated cookbooks), but I had no interest in starting my own. Then it sort of just happened one snowy weekend and was sort of exciting for reasons I can't quite explain.

Most days I do think it's great that there is a "community" of people now sharing information, experiences, and passions. These days connecting with people via the internet is common place, which I still find a little strange. But, when I stop and think about it, I have found most of the jobs I've had through the internet and my car and bikes (thank you craigslist). Technology is quite the conundrum, I don't want to like it, but I'm indebted, reliant, and addicted to it.

Anyhow, despite pondering blogging for a while now, I have yet to come to any profound conclusions. Most of the time it's rewarding, it's also a little embarrassing. Sometimes I read old posts, turn red and wonder what I was thinking. Also, ever since I started this blog I have noticed that my mom doesn't call me as much (no hard feelings mom!).

After all that babble, I guess I will keep sending personal information into cyberspace despite my sporadic misgivings.


Ian Hommel said...

Hi Misha! I know what you mean about blogging! Sharing your life experiences with the world is very unsettling to most people. Chefs in their realm are not like most people. They operate on their own program which is hard for the rest of the world to understand. Just think about how many people do the same things you do on a daily basis. I'll be the numbers are very few! Blogging is a great way to expose your trials and tribulations to the world. It gives the reader an inside look into the world of a chef that no book can touch. The reader can tap into what you are thinking with emotion , good or bad. Relevant, and current information is lacking in this industry! The guests at Tyler Place love your work! I'm not into Facebook at all, but the comments are all outstanding! Your blog even appeared in one of the comments from the guests. You should be proud!
Reading your blog gave me the inspiration to start my own. For so long I have been writing down my daily activities without friends, family and the world knowing. This has completely refined my ethic on where food should be. Posts can be good or bad...I'll let the world figure that out!


Ian Hommel said...

P.S. My link is http://ianhommel.blogspot.com/