bittersweet citrus tart.
blueberry pie.

chocolate pot de creme.
strawberry rhubarb crisps.
pumpkin teacake
molten chocolate cakes with raspberries
strawberry rhubarb jam bars.

I'm too tired for coherent sentences, but this is some of what I've been up to.


slebell said...

Mish, Each of your desserts is more beautiful than the next. Please keep sharing! mama

Heather said...


Love, love to you. It is nice seeing what's going on in Vermont. Sounds like all is well, albeit hot and busy!!! Yum is about all I can say to the creations above. Your baking skills are sorely missed at Preston...though we are in no shortage of good food!!! The gardens are, by the way, fantastic. Lots o' food. Beets and greens galore...and only a few days till tomatoes. Miss you lots, let's catch up soon shall we?