story of my life

Number of hours I waited to see a doctor yesterday: 3

Number of doctors I saw: 0

Number of crying fits yesterday: 2

Hours of sleep I've gotten in the past 4 days: maybe 7 (maybe that's why I feel sick?)

Number of days since I've written a post: a lot

Number of injuries I currently have on my hands: 6 including: small cuts, burnt finger tips,
ingrown finger nail (this one's the worst)

Number of times I've seen the new twilight movie: 2 (I'm on team Jacob if you were wondering)

Ok, I'm done complaining now. I don't have any new dessert pictures for you; I'm sorry. Misha=careless blogger.

This picture above is from my favorite children's book, Need a House Call Ms. Mouse. My sister sent me this a while ago and it makes me very happy. The book is now out of print and the only copy we have is warped and full of basement mold, but if you can get your hands on a copy you won't be sorry. The book is about this mouse who's an architect (this may be why I wanted to be an architect when I was little) and she designs houses for other animals taking into consideration their specific needs. Bear's house is under ground of course, the picture above is of frog's house, worm's is up in a tree inside a giant pear and has a special food storage area, spider's house has lots of computers and technology and makes webs for him, rabbit's has a giant garden, Miss Piggy's is huge and fancy, etc. It's pretty much the best book ever.

The end.

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slebell said...

Oh, my sweet girl! Thank you for posting, even though it sounds like life is very full for you right now. I love you so much. You are just like Ms. Mouse. You create your own worlds. I send you love and healing, Mama