Dayz Off

Yesterday and today were my first two days off, though I actually did quite a bit computer work. As I go through the menu I'm figuring out quantities and tweaking recipes; so, I've been typing revised recipes, writing an updated menu, and organizing my huge baking binder. It was still nice to be out of the kitchen for a few days.

I don't have too much more to report. I'm just looking forward to mastering all my recipes and getting done each day at a reasonable hour. I'm learning that many of my dinner desserts have to be made the day before so that they are set so that I can cut them. So the next few days I may be working late in order to get to prepping for the next day. Pretty boring update, but this is what's been on my mind these days.


kyle said...

i'm sorry i missed you on your free days, mish! been busy-- but you're rockin this kitchen so hard!! i wuv you, little sis.

kyle said...

um, oh my GOD! that pie and those cookies look incredible! Too beautiful to eat!!