Icy Rain

On a more positive note, things that are fun/exciting in my world:

1. We got a beautiful new tea kettle for the house yesterday. Our old one didn't whistle, so it would it was always hard to tell whether the water was boiling or not and it was also made out of this super thin aluminum, pretty scary.
2. We got our tempeh starter in the mail! It only takes 24 hours and will make about 18 pounds of tempeh, wow. The soybeans are soakin' as I type.
3. This sucky weather will at least make me want to stay inside this weekend and write 2 philosophy papers and read a lot of Freud.
4. Yesterday we also bought a much needed set of glass mixing bowls (8) that nest together. They range from very small to quite large and make me very happy.
5. Can't think of a number 5 at the moment, I'll get back to you.

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Anonymous said...

Get used to the cold Misha.... Wisconsin is cold for 4 solid months!!