Polenta vs grits

This is a heated discussion we've had one too many times in my house. Being a northerner, I did not grow up with grits and only ate polenta occasionally at fancy Italian restaurants. However, living in the south, grits have become a staple dish that I have developed a great fondness for. I have been under the impression for quite some time that polenta and grits are essentially the same product (course ground corn meal) and the difference is only in the preparation, though the preparation is often remarkably similar.

I have done some research which has made me realize just how wide-spread the confusion surrounding the subject is.

My conclusion? I was right, they are the same thing, though different types of corn and corn processing is more common in certain regions of the world. For example, many southern brands of grits are marketed as being stone ground and white corn meal is more commonly seen in the south.

Us northerners should get off our high horses.

Also, one shopping tip: if you see polenta and grits in different bins in the bulk section of your grocery store, buy the cheaper of the two, which will be the grits no doubt.

Any thoughts on the subject?

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