Weird things I ate as a kid

1. Toast with mayonnaise and melted cheese (preferably Swiss)
2. Big fat slices of dense brown bread from Peter Reinhardt's old bakery, steamed with large amounts of butter and nutritional yeast. I used to eat this so fast I would get big chunks stuck in my throat, very painful, but worth it.
3. All sandwiches in "roll-up" form, this meant regular and some not so regular sandwich fixins' rolled up in a flour tortilla.
4. These mint carob malt soy milk drinks that came in those little capri-sun style baggies; I haven't been able to find them anywhere for about 15 years. I loved freezing them and eating them like Popsicles.


kyle said...

That's all the stuff I ate, little Sister! Brings me back. K

slebell said...

You're making me cry! I love you! Mama